The engineers: New team moves in

So the engineers became proud parents. Their chicks grew up fast and pooped a lot. And while we were in Dublin, they left the nest. End of story — or so we thought.

Last Friday and Saturday, there was a flurry of activity: it turned out that we'd got a new team of engineers, and they were attempting to build a nest from scratch at the other end of the awning. I say attempting, because Sunday morning, we woke up to this: the entire nest fell down right into a pot on our terrace. 🙄

Leftovers of the nest

Because the pot was too close to the window, we moved it away, hoping that the shy birds wouldn't be too scared to pick up and reuse the twigs. Lo and behold, after a few quick fly-bys and some nervous waddling around, the birds started picking up the twigs and moving them up to the awning. Slowly at first, but then they picked up the pace and flew up and down in 10-second intervals. I know that because I counted, which made it easier to have my smartphone ready. So our Sunday morning could hardly have been any more fun. We were enjoying our lazy breakfast, while the engineers provided the entertainment.

Here are a few animated GIFs for your amusement.

The engineer walking The engineer walking

Get that twig Get that twig

Shake that twig Shake that twig