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Bash trick: using grep for faster history search

Here's a neat little trick that makes it easier to find a specific command in the Bash history. Add the following alias to the .bashrc file:

alias hist='history | grep --color=auto'

Say, you want to find a previously used rsync command. In the terminal, run hist rsync, and you should see a list of all matching commands saved in the .bash_history file. To run the desired command, use !000, where 000 is the command's number.

A proper good-bye to Little Backup Box

Little Backup Box has been by far my most successful and popular project. But about two years ago, I chose to transfer it to a new maintainer, effectively abandoning the project. The other day, it occurred to me that I had never said a proper good-bye to my project. So here it goes.

As it often happens, I started working on the project to solve a problem I had: I didn't want to schlep around a laptop when traveling, but I wanted to have a backup solution to keep my photos safe. As Raspberry Pi had been making waves as a versatile platform for all kinds of projects, I thought I'd try to build a Raspberry Pi-based backup appliance that would replace a proper laptop. And over the years, various Raspberry Pi models running Little Backup Box served me well during my travels.

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