The engineers have a new nest now

Remember the engineers, the two collared doves who have been trying to build a nest right above our kitchen window for several years in a row? Well, after another half-hearted attempt at finishing their project, they decided to try something different. This time, they've managed to build a new nest... right on an awning above our terrace door. Actually, they hedged their bets, and they started working on two nests in parallel. But at some point, they probably liked one of them better than the other.

Snapshot of the nest

I'm not a dove, but I think it's a very good place for a nest: it's hidden, there is not much traffic around, cats can't get to it. The only drawback is two curious humans gawking at it every now and then.

The engineers are now sitting on eggs, and by our calculations, they should become proud parents sometime this week (or maybe next week, at the latest). Until then we 1) can't use the awning and 2) have to be very careful and quiet when going out on the terrace. Taking a proper photo of the nest is out of the question, so we all have to make do with a mediocre snapshot.