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digiKam: Find and remove unused tags

Tags are great. But no matter how meticulous your are with tagging items in digiKam, you'll inevitably end up having multiple unused tags dangling around. Good thing then that the Tag Manager tool makes it easy to remove unused tags. In digiKam, choose Tag > Tag Manager, then choose Mark Unassigned Tags from the Organize drop-down list. This automatically selects all unused tags, and you can delete them by pressing the Delete selected items button.

Remove unused tags animated GIF

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A weekend break in Palermo

My wife had to work this weekend, so she said I could do whatever I want. I mentioned that my colleague went to Palermo a week before, and she said, Well, why won't you go to Palermo, too? And I said, Yeah, why won't I?

Long story short, I went to Palermo. And I have a handful of snapshots to prove it.

Mejiro: Easter 2023 update

Although I use Mejiro pretty much all the time, I haven't done any work on it for quite a while. Mostly because it does what it's supposed to do, and I didn't have any ideas for improvements. That changed last weekend. I wanted to tweak Mejiro a bit, and I ended up spending the entire weekend, and then some, fixing and improving the application.

Mejiro screenshot

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Girasole: Stoll down memory lane with the help of PHP

Maybe because I'm not a coder to begin with, it never ceases to amaze me how much I can accomplish with just a few lines of PHP. Girasole PHP script is a case in point. It's so short and simple that it hardly deserves to be called an application. Yet it fulfills a huge need I've had for quite a while. It may have something to do with age, but the older I get, the more I appreciate the joy of reliving memories through my photos. I'm not keen on uploading my entire library to Google Photos or a similar service to make use of their "photos from the past" functionality. Because 1) pushing several terabytes of data would take forever and a day, 2) would be prohibitively expensive, and 3) I'm not enamored with the idea of entrusting my most private data to a third party, no matter how good their privacy protection track record is.

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The engineers are back

Three years ago to the day, I wrote about two collared doves, who decided to build a nest right above our kitchen window. I'll be forever thankful to them for brightening our days during the worst pandemic days.

But the story didn't end there. In 2020, they didn't manage to finish the nest, so they returned in 2021. They didn't finish the nest then either. So in 2022, they were back. Alas, a storm took down their unfinished work. It's 2023, and guess who is back?

We're now lovingly referring to them as "The Engineers" and their nest as "Berlin Airport".