Mejiro: Easter 2023 update

Although I use Mejiro pretty much all the time, I haven't done any work on it for quite a while. Mostly because it does what it's supposed to do, and I didn't have any ideas for improvements. That changed last weekend. I wanted to tweak Mejiro a bit, and I ended up spending the entire weekend, and then some, fixing and improving the application.

Mejiro screenshot

  • Up until now, Mejiro generated Openstreetmap or Google Maps links for geotagged photos. But in most cases, especially on a mobile device, you'd want to view the exact location of a geotagged photo in the default map app. So now, Mejiro generates Geo URIs that are automatically opened in whatever map application you have installed on your machine or device (I always recommend Organic Maps).
  • To make Mejiro a bit more user-friendly, all images now have alt and title attributes.
  • I've been monkeying around Inkscape lately, and one of the outcomes is a new Mejiro logo. While at it, I also tweaked the overall appearance of the application, and switched to using Teeny icons.
  • While you still have to add photos to Mejiro manually (it's a feature, not a bug), you can remove individual images from within the application using the dedicated Delete button.
  • There is now a simple statistics page that shows how many photos you took with each camera model.
  • Want to use Mejiro with GoatCounter? All you have to do is to enable this feature in the configuration file and provide your GoatCounter code.
  • It's now easy to translate Mejiro to other languages, and the Danish translation is already included.
  • I also streamlined the code that extracts EXIF information. It's not something you're likely to notice, but less kludgy code is always a good thing.

Finally, I started working on documenting Mejiro, and I made a very rough draft of Mejiro for photographers available on Gumroad.

Mejiro is available on GitHub.