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The engineers are back

Three years ago to the day, I wrote about two collared doves, who decided to build a nest right above our kitchen window. I'll be forever thankful to them for brightening our days during the worst pandemic days.

But the story didn't end there. In 2020, they didn't manage to finish the nest, so they returned in 2021. They didn't finish the nest then either. So in 2022, they were back. Alas, a storm took down their unfinished work. It's 2023, and guess who is back?

We're now lovingly referring to them as "The Engineers" and their nest as "Berlin Airport".

Musou black KIWAMI fabric: back in black

Of all the photography-related paraphernalia I bought in recent times, Musou black KIWAMI fabric proved to be the most useful one. Musou what? Well, ever since I learned about vantablack, I've been mildly obsessed with the idea of absolute black. The only problem with vantablack is that you can't have it. But there is a commercially available product similar to vantablack called Musou Black developed and sold in Japan. I tracked down an EU distributor and splurged for an A4 sheet.

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How to use Hald CLUT files on Android (almost the Linux way)

Hald CLUT files offer a quick and easy way to apply effects to photos, and there are plenty of desktop applications that can handle the task. But if you want to use your favorite Hald CLUT files on an Android device, you'll quickly discover that there are not that many apps (if any at all) that allow you to do that. No problem: instead of relying on a third-party proprietary app, you can roll out your own solution using Termux.

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Poor man's external camera monitor

Why spend money on an expensive external HDMI monitor for your camera when an Android device together with the right mix of cables and adapters can do the trick? Of course, if you are doing professional work that requires dedicated tools, then a proper external monitor justifies the expense. For the rest of us mere mortals, though, a slightly less elegant but inexpensive solution would do the job just fine.

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Brief look at Godox Litemons LED6Bi

Godox Litemons LED6Bi

Initially marketed as a continuous light source for video makers, LED panels have been slowly but steadily finding their way into the photo bags of many still photographers. And it's easy to understand why. Light, versatile, energy-efficient, available in many form factors and price brackets. What's not to like? Being new to the dazzling world of LED panels, I decided to play it safe and go with something small and affordable: Godox Litemons LED6Bi.

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