LibreSpeed: Open-source speed test tool


We've been combining work and travel lately, so measuring internet connection speed has become a part of our check-in ritual.

Speedtest had been my go-to tool for the job, until I stumbled upon LibreSpeed. Written in PHP with a dash of JavaScript, LibreSpeed can run on a local Linux machine, or it can be self-hosted on a remote server.

To run LibreSpeed locally, make sure that PHP is installed on your system, and clone the project's repository using the git clone command. In the resulting speedtest directory, rename the desired file to index.html.

In the terminal, switch to the speedtest directory, and run the php -S localhost:8000 command. Open the localhost:8000 address in the browser to access the tool.

Deploying LibreSpeed on a web server or VPS is not particularly difficult either. Assuming the VPS is running a Debian or Ubuntu-based Linux distribution, install Apache2, PHP, and Git on it:

apt install apache2 php git

Switch to the document root of the web server (by default, it's /var/www/html), and clone then project's repository using the git clone command. Rename the desired example file to index.html. Set the correct permissions for the speedtest directory with the chown www-data:www-data -R /var/www/html/speedtest/ command, and you're done.