Hald CLUT Pack: Stylish presets for your photos

What is the Hald CLUT Pack?

The Hald CLUT Pack gives you 11 carefully crafted Hald CLUT files that you can use with any application that supports this format: digiKam, RawTherapee, Darktable, and many more. Using these files, you can easily apply a range of stylish effects and looks to RAW and JPEG files.

But wait, there is more!

The package includes documentation that explains Hald CLUT basics, demonstrates how you can create your own Hald CLUT files, shows how you can automate the process of applying multiple Hald CLUT files, and use a simple web application to use your Hald CLUT files on any device.

Hald CLUT Pack is released under the permissive Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, so you're free to tweak and improve the existing presets, and share your work with others.

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What is Hald CLUT?

A Hald CLUT file is a file in the PNG format that a photo editing application can use as a reference table to perform color transformations. You can think of it as a recipe the application can use to produce an image with a specific look.

Using Hald CLUT files instead of curve presets and styles has two major advantages. Hald CLUT files are not application-specific. Curve presets made in Adobe Lightroom work only with that particular application (you can convert them to other formats, but that's a different story). And styles made for Capture One won't work with any other tool. Hald CLUT files can be used with any application that supports this functionality. Hald CLUT files are also supremely easy to use: add them to your preferred application, and choose the desired Hald CLUT file to apply to the currently selected RAW or JPEG file. That's all there is to it.

By the way

I'm a top seller on EyeEm, and all of my best-selling photos use presets from the Hald CLUT Pack. I'm not saying that applying presets from the pack will instantly transform your photos into cash cows. But you could say that people who buy my photos indirectly validate the quality of the Hald CLUT files.

What's in the box

Curious what the presets in the Hald CLUT Pack look like? See for yourself.


Boosts midtones, with an extra increase in the blue channel. It's particularly suitable for nighttime photos.

Urban retro

Increases and decreases shadows and highlights in various channels to achieve a unique nostalgic retro look.

Slight light

Boosts highlights in all channels, thus making the photo brighter. Suitable for making the overall look lighter.

Urban delight

Similar to Slight light but with a hue shift and desaturation. My personal favorite.

Cold and bright

Increases and decreases shadows and highlights in various channels to produce a light and punchy look. Works well with architecture and cityscapes.

Retro vibes

Increases shadows and highlights and decreases midtones, which produces a warm sunny look.


Designed specifically for architectural photography. Suitable for use with photos of concrete structures, facades, etc. It also works well as a general-purpose curve.


Strongly desaturated high-key Hald CLUT.


Slightly increases highlights and adds slight S curves in the Red, Green, and Blue channels. Best suited for (low-key) product shots and photos taken on overcast days.

Dial down

Reduces the overall contrast, shifts red hues, and adds cooler tones.

Tilted orange

Cross-processed teal-like look with red tones shifted to orange. Works best with sunsets and twilight cityscapes.

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If you have questions about the Hald CLUT Pack, contact me directly at dmpop@cameracode.coffee